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Merakzy is the first web-based software platform in the Balkans for complete management and automation of work processes in travel agencies, cooperation with sub-agents, and online booking of package arrangements.

Built with great dedication and persistence by a small team of enthusiasts, the platform began in 2012 as an aggregator and online booking application known as 'Ajde na Odmor'. By analyzing the needs and requirements of the market, since 2015, under the name 'MBooking', Macedonian travel agencies were given access to the first version of this practical and straightforward sector solution for work in tourism, management of work processes and online booking of arrangements for end users.

After years of patiently analyzing the needs of agencies, sub-agents and end users, today's solution was presented in 2018, bringing tourism work in Macedonia closer to the world level. Merakzy is a comprehensive and upgradable web-based sector solution for working with package arrangements and optimizing and automating all activities that are an integral part of the daily operations of travel agencies and tour operators.

In addition, our “Merakzy travel aggregator” has been refreshed for the end buyers and aggregates all available offers on the market. The search of the aggregator takes place according to the user's preferences and enables a quick and effective review, selection and online purchase of travel arrangements. The service is available 24/7 and shows the availability of free capacities on the market in real-time, thanks to the promptness of all agencies involved in the system, enabling a digital, modern and effective connection between tourism workers and their clients.

At Merakzy, we are committed to continuously improving our platform, and we welcome feedback from our users. We are grateful for the support of our foreign and domestic investors, FITD, and BAU in helping us realize our goals.

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